Detroit Rock Meets Brit Pop Band

The Incurables 4 Play Cover art

by CW Ross

The Incurables is a band that blends elements of Detroit Rock and Brit Pop, blending sounds that harken back to the, 60's, 70's and early 80's to achieve their style.

The foundation of the Michigan based group is lifelong friends, Ray Lawson (Bass guitar and vocals) and Pat Kelly (Lead guitar and vocals), who the band's bio. said met in detention while in kindergarten together. Rounding out the band are cousin Darrin Lawson (drums and vocals) and highschool friend Dennis Pepperack (guitar and vocals).

The Incurables have found success sharing the stage with nationl touring acts (Billy Idol, Blues Traveler, Steppenwolf, Poison, Alice Cooper, Vince Neil) along with other Detroit based bands. They've also had successful tours abroad in both Germany and The Netherlands.

I got to listen to several tracks from the groups, “4 Play,” release. The songs found on it are filled with the previously mentioned styles produced using guitar driven, up-tempo beats.

If your looking for a mix of garage rock and 60's/70's Brit pop then check out The Incurables.

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